Fans of the Oakland Athletics can buy a beer from their seat

Fans of the Oakland Athletics can buy a beer from their seat for the first time in 30 years

According to information coming out of Alameda County, visitors to Oakland Athletics games at The Coliseum are going to be able to order beers directly from their seat – something that hasn’t been possible in over 32 years.

This is all part of the Athletics celebrating their 50thanniversary, finding ways to “roll back the clock” and enjoy some of the more traditional aspects of America’s pastime. The Athletics have been enjoying a wonderful season as far as the standings are concerned (and look like a lock for the playoffs for the first time in a long time), but they’ve also been making a lot of noise nationally for all of the 50th anniversary celebration they have been putting on throughout the season.

Retro uniforms, throwback concessions (including concession prices), and even the return of a mechanical rabbit have all been part of the festivities.

But this is the very first time in 32 years that fans over the age of 21 are going to be able to purchase beers without having to get up from their seat.

Beer vendors (quite popular at other stadiums all around the MLB) typically walk the aisles of baseball parks throughout the spring, summer,and into the fall, making sure that visitors to the park that don’t want to miss out on a second of the action can order a beer directly from their seat.

However, the last time this was possible in Alameda County was in 1986 at the old Candlestick Park. The San Francisco Giants where the last team to make these kinds of purchases possible, though the policy changed after the California Highway Patrol was able to successfully convince teams throughout the state to limit sales only to concession stands in an effort to curb drunk driving instances.

The Athletics are doubling down on advertisements throughout the park to encourage ALL of their visitors that choose to drink and enjoy the game take advantage of ridesharing services, taxi services, public transportation, or the Designated Driver Program that the Athletics have put in place as well.

All of these new changes are possible after a handful of changes were made to the way that liquor licenses are handed out by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. More than 40 different vendors are going to be patrolling the stands of The Coliseum, offering domestic beverages for nine dollars a pop.

The Athletics aren’t the only team to get in on the action,either. In fact, they are second on the list as the San Diego Padres became the first team in California to start selling beer in the stands on May 28 of 2018.

Fans of the Athletics are already talking about how positive a change this is, especially with the team enjoying so much success on the field. It will be nice for responsible adults to be able to enjoy a beer without having to get up and go to the concession stand, never risking the chance at missing some of the great baseball happening for the Athletics right now.

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